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Bryan Healey25 Jan 2023

Are you interested in diving into the world of crypto gaming? Block Monsters is a blockchain-based video game that allows players to own and trade unique digital monsters. If you’re ready to start your adventure, there are several steps that need to be taken – most importantly figuring out how much money will make up your initial investment. The amount will vary depending on what type of player you want to be: collector, trader or battle master! With patience, some research and an appropriate budget set aside for investments (depending on individual risk tolerance levels), anyone can become a successful Block Monster player!


Welcome to the world of Block Monsters crypto games! If you're looking for a fun and interactive way to make money, then look no further. The Block Monsters game is an easy-to-pick up blockchain based card trading game that allows players to collect, trade, battle and even craft new cards powered by Ethereum technology. With just a small amount of ETH (Ether), anyone can join in on this international phenomenon where user’s assets are securely stored from anywhere with Internet access. Join us today as we take a closer look into how much money it takes start playing the amazing Blockchain Monster Crypto Game!

What is Block Monsters?

Block Monsters is a blockchain-based gaming platform with built in Crypto rewards and collectibles. Block Monsters allows players to earn real money while they play the game, by buying virtual items or purchasing customizable elements of their characters such as clothes, weapons, hairstyles etc. In order to get started playing the game on Block Monsters players need some cryptocurrency or tokens which can be exchanged for Ether (ETH) in most exchanges. This ETH will then act as an ‘in-game’ currency that allows users to purchase items from other players through auctions held inside the game itself. Players also have access to unique quests specific only to them where completing these tasks earns them crypto rewards for putting forth a certain amount of effort into advancing withinthe Blockchain world and getting closer towards mastering it!

How Much Money Is Needed to Start Playing?

Block Monsters Crypto Game is one of the fastest growing blockchain games. The game features a range of monsters that can be collected, traded, and leveled up to unlock special rewards. As such, getting into this exciting new world might seem daunting! Thankfully it doesn’t need to cost a fortune; in fact you can usually start playing Block Monsters with as little as $5 or even less than that if you look around for good deals. All you have to do is find yourself some Block Monster tokens (most commonly an ERC-20) on any cryptocurrency exchange and then use these tokens within the game itself – easy! Be sure not to go overboard though; it’s always best advised starting small until your knowledge and experience improves.

What You Can Do with the Money?

Once you have decided how much money is needed to start playing Block Monsters Crypto Game, the next question becomes what can be done with that money? Through in-game purchases like booster packs and crypto tokens, players are able to upgrade their equipment or customize their character. Additionally, investing in rare monsters from other players might prove lucrative if sold at a higher price later on down the road. With real-world value come risks so it’s important for any player looking into making investments beyond basic starter items and boosters to understand all of the fundamentals involved when trading between users or offering physical assets as payment. By understanding your options ahead of time, there could potentially be great rewards and many ways for gamers who play this game to increase their level quickly!

How to Get Started

Getting started playing Block Monsters' Crypto Game doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, the cost of entry is really quite low! To play with just one team of monsters and start earning rewards in the game, you only need 0.1 ETH ($20). You can purchase Ether on cryptocurrency exchanges or use a wallet like Coinbase that supports buying it directly from your bank account. Once you've got some Ethereum in your wallet, all you need to do is download the Block Monsters app onto your mobile device and start playing away!

Tips from Experienced Players

If you're looking to start playing Block Monsters Crypto Game, the best advice from experienced players is to start small. Don't spend too much money on your first go-around; instead, focus on getting a handle on all of the different game mechanics and play styles before delving into larger investments. You'll want to invest only what you can afford and get comfortable with how everything works before jumping in headfirst! With that said, even a modest investment could yield large returns depending upon luck or skill - so don't be afraid to take some calculated risks as long as it's within your budgeted amount!


In conclusion, the amount of money you'll need to start playing Block Monsters Crypto Game will depend on your individual gaming strategy. If you're an experienced player who's looking to make some big moves in-game and use powerful cards, then a higher starting budget is probably advised. However, if it’s your first time playing and want to learn the ropes while minimizing risk, a smaller starting budget may be best suited for now. To get started with Block Monster Crypto Game at any level requires research into both cryptocurrency as well as understanding how game mechanics work – so don't forget that before anything else!

Bryan Healey

Bryan Healey

Bryan, known by his friends as 'blockchain bryan' has been playing with crypto since 2014, early in it's inception. He wants to share what he's learnt over these years, and hopes you'll get some value out of it.

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