Uncover the Secrets to Acquiring Legendary 5-Star Weapons in Cryptoblades!

Bryan Healey25 Jan 2023

Cryptoblades is an action RPG game that lets you explore a dynamic world and collect powerful weapons. If you’re looking for the best of the best, then hunting down 5 star rarity weapons should be your goal. Getting these rare items requires patience and skill – but if done right, it can open up deeply rewarding gameplay experiences! To start collecting five star weapon in Cryptoblades, follow our guide to learn all about where to find them and how to maximize your chances at getting one yourself!

What is cryptoblades?

Cryptoblades is an online fantasy card game that was designed to be a fast and engaging way for players of all levels to enjoy. In Cryptoblades, each player builds their own deck with cards they collect from various sources in the game. Players use these decks to battle against other players in order to earn rewards such as experience points and rare items. One of the most sought-after items are five star weapons – powerful pieces of equipment which can give a huge edge during battles. To get your hands on one of these coveted weapons, you must look out for special events or complete certain tasks within the game itself!

Understanding the Basics of Weapon Rarities

Understanding the basics of weapon rarities in Cryptoblades is important if you’re looking to get a 5-star weapon. The rarity system goes from one star, which are usually weapons found at the start of your journey, all the way up to five stars – and each increase in rarity translates into better stats for that particular item. Five-star weapons have significantly higher attack damage or defensive power than anything else out there! To ensure you find more powerful items on your path it’s essential to understand how these rarer grades work as well as what tools can help improve your chances during battles against monsters. Keep reading this blog post for specific tips on getting that five-star weapon!

How to Get 5 Star Weapons

Getting a 5 star weapon in Cryptoblades can be a daunting task! It requires plenty of patience and persistence, but it is very possible. The best way to get 5 star weapons is by using Gacha boxes, which require specific items called Crystal Shards to open them. You can either purchase these shards from the game store or find them out in the world as loot drops from opponents. Once you have your required number of shards for opening one box, choose an area that has high drop rates for F-rank rarity cards – those with the highest likelihood of being upgraded to five stars - then defeat enough enemies until you obtain three cards at once since this increases your odds significantly when compared to only getting one card per gacha try. Keep collecting and trading multiple sets (preferably higher ranks) until all 3 cards become ethereal rank quality; then do fusion on top two R3+ grade and perfect refine if necessary before doing final synthesis upgrade on last slot – there’s where most players encounter various levels of luck power unless they use secret methods like “Fox Blessing” system etc... With some luck and dedication, eventually you will receive that sweet 5 Star Weapon reward!

Tips for Improving Your Chances of Getting 5 Star Weapons

If you’re looking to get 5 star weapons in Cryptoblades, there are a few key tips that can help improve your chances. First, it is important to have a clear understanding of the weapon drops and levels required for each one. Knowing this information will make it easier to identify when you may be close to getting a legendary-level item so you don't miss out on bonus opportunities or rewards. Additionally, always look into upgrade options available like mystic orbs which can boost an item's effectiveness even if its base stats aren’t great. Finally, use any special event challenges as much as possible since these often offer exclusive rewards at higher levels including five stars weapons that cannot normally be obtained elsewhere!

Using Rare Materials to Upgrade Weapons

Using rare materials to upgrade weapons is a great way to get 5 star weapon in crypto blades. Rare mats such as Void Shards, Shadow Keys and Transcended Cores are all necessary items used when upgrading gear. Additionally, some of these materials can be found while playing the campaign or exploring dungeons. However, if you want an easier option then buying them from merchants is your best bet- though it tends to cost more than other methods! Once you have obtained the necessary metals and resources needed for upgrades, you'll need to go back into combat mode either solo or with a team and take on harder difficulty levels until reaching level five stars full potential which should unlock even greater rewards - like special armors, enhanced skills etc... So start farming those rare mats before taking that final plunge!

Using the Forge to Upgrade Weapons

Upgrading weapons in Cryptoblades is made much easier when using the Forge. The Forge offers players a way to quickly upgrade their weapons with rare materials, allowing them to obtain 5 star rarity fast and easily. To use the Forge, simply select your weapon of choice then gather up any of the necessary resources needed for its upgrade before clicking “Forge” on screen. When upgrading a weapon beyond three stars, there will be an additional cost not only in gold but also special materials that can only be obtained by playing certain game modes or completing daily missions. Once you have all these elements ready just hit forge again and watch as those ranks increase steadily towards five-star power!


In conclusion, it is possible to obtain 5-star weapons in Cryptoblades with the help of The Forge. By using different combinations of resources and weapon elements you can create a powerful item that will aid your journey through this popular game. In order to get an even better result for upgrading your gear, make sure you have plenty of coins and liquid metal so that you can unlock more features from The Forge! With patience and skillful use of the tools provided by CryptoBlades, players can upgrade their weapons easily and efficiently to become formidable warriors against their enemies!

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