Unlock the Secrets of Guild of Guardians - A Beginner's Guide to Crypto Gaming

Bryan Healey25 Jan 2023

Guild of Guardians is a revolutionary new blockchain-based gaming platform set to launch on the Ethereum network in 2021. This highly immersive and intense game offers players unprecedented control over their gaming experience, with rewards that are earned through strategic gameplay. Players can explore various lands filled with mythical creatures and hidden secrets as they battle for glory against monsters and other opponents. To take part in this amazing adventure, all you need is an Ethereum wallet compatible with ERC20 tokens – from there you will be able to truly unlock your inner hero!

Overview of guild of guardians

The Guild of Guardians is a crypto game that allows players to explore the world of NFTs through an immersive gaming experience. The core objective in the game is for players to collect, trade and battle non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as they progress through various levels. In addition to battling enemies, players can earn rewards by completing quests or engaging in collaborative tasks with other users. Collecting rare relics will also be part of their journey while playing this interesting game.

Character Creation and Selection

Character creation and selection plays an important role in playing Guild of Guardians, the new crypto game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players will begin by creating their own character, which is a critical part of customizing your gaming experience. Before investing any ETH into this game make sure you take some time to consider what type of character would best suit your playstyle as well as provide advantages for countering enemy tactics—this will depend heavily upon whether or not you plan on playing solo or with friends. After picking out a hero from the list there are multiple item slots that need to be filled with items offering various bonuses — we recommend referring back to our ‘Overview’ blog post for more information regarding equipment stats! Once all has been setup feel free to join other players online and test our skills against each other through Decentralised Autonomous Combat Arenas (DACAs)!

Choosing Your Path

Once you're familiar with the basics of Guild of Guardians, it's time to start exploring your options. Choosing Your Path is a huge part of the game and it can be daunting — so many possibilities! Before deciding which direction to take, weigh out all your pros and cons for each path available. While some may offer more rewards than others, remember that no matter what route you choose there will always be plenty of opportunities for adventure in this magical world. Consider which elements appeal most to you when making your decision – whether that’s traveling new lands filled with dangerous monsters or challenging yourself against other players in duels - before embarking on an epic quest as the ultimate guardian!

Taking on Challenges in Guild of Guardians

Taking on challenges in Guild of Guardians can be a daunting task, but with some practice and strategy it is possible to become an expert. In the game each player chooses their own path, depending on the level of difficulty they want to achieve. Players will need to customize their roster of characters by using special skills and resources they acquire while playing the game. It's important not to underestimate any challenge as every battle presents different conditions and opponents that require proper preparations before engaging them in combat. Understanding your character’s strengths helps you build strategies that can outwit your opponents effectively! Have fun tackling new levels; explore enemies abilities deeply for better success rates and stay ready for tough encounters ahead!

Building an Alliance with Other Players

Playing Guild of Guardians can be a lot more enjoyable if you have an alliance with other players. Building an alliance is easy—all it takes is some preparation and socializing! When creating your own guild, consider the types of members that would best suit what you're looking to accomplish in-game. Then, look for potential allies who share a similar passion or enthusiasm as yourself by joining popular gaming forums or Discord servers dedicated to Guild of Guardians. Once you find someone to work together with, make sure both parties agree on common rules and objectives before officially forming the group. With a strong foundation in place comprised of like-minded individuals from around the world within your reach, there’s no limit as to what kind of success you could experience while playing this crypto game!

Leveling Up and Earning Rewards

Leveling up and earning rewards is an important part of playing the Guild of Guardians crypto game. As you continue to play, your character will gain experience points for completing tasks or winning battles against other players. Every time your character levels up, they become stronger and more able to take on tougher challenges. Additionally, each level achieved also gives a reward ranging from coins that can be spent in-game to collectibles like emoticons and skins for their characters. With careful planning during gameplay these rewards can add up quickly providing valuable resources needed to progress the game even further!

Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Guild of Guardians Experience

The best way to make the most out of your experience with Guild of Guardians is by utilizing all the tools available in-game. Take advantage of different game modes, complete missions and quests to level up, play against other players online or join a guild for extra bonuses like rewards and challenges. Make sure you keep an eye on any special events running in-game that could give you even more opportunities for rewards – these offers can be well worth taking part in! And don’t forget about achievements: collecting points from daily tasks will help you unlock cool items that can take your gaming to another level!


Now that you have read through our guide on how to make the most out of your Guild of Guardians experience, we hope that it has given you a better understanding of what this crypto game is all about. Playing Guild of Guardians can be both exciting and rewarding as long as players take their time to familiarize themselves with the rules before getting started. Players should also ensure they keep track not just their own performance but also watch market trends within the game so they know when best to buy or sell different items or guilds. With these tips in mind, there’s no limit to what you could achieve by playing Guild Of Guardians!

Bryan Healey

Bryan Healey

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