Unlocking New Levels with the Guild Guardians in Gems of War

Bryan Healey25 Jan 2023

Gems of War is an exciting and innovative puzzle RPG game that offers players the chance to battle against monsters, solve puzzles, collect powerful weapons and armor, and build alliances with other Guilds. The unique feature in Gems of War are the Guild Guardians - each guild has three distinct Guardian Races (Humanoids, Beastmen & Monsters) whose levels determine their strength in combat. Leveling up a Guardian requires collecting Shards from defeated enemies or completing specific tasks set by your leader — all while working together as one unified team! As you progress through this thrilling journey, explore vast lands teeming with dangerous foes ready to test both your skillset and luck.

What are Guild Guardians?

Guild Guardians are powerful heroes that can be recruited to help protect a guild in Gems of War. These special units are unique and have their own set of attributes, such as attack power and health points. Each Guild Guardian is assigned to a specific element type and they level up when the guild levels up or by earning experience through battles against enemy kingdoms. As they level, these guardians become stronger which makes them more valuable assets for defending the kingdom from potential invasions. They also gain access to additional abilities with each new level gained making them invaluable allies during challenging combat scenarios!

How do they Level Up?

Leveling up your Guild Guardians in Gems of War is a great way to increase the power and effectiveness of your guild. The primary source for leveling them up is through completing guild tasks, such as hitting thresholds in season points or participating regularly in leaderboard events. Other sources include exploring daily kingdom quests with three-star completion rewards that contain loot keys to unlock chests which may contain upgrades for one or more guardians. As they level up they will unlock new abilities so it’s always worth checking what additional bonuses you can receive from having higher leveled guards protecting your realm!

Gaining Resources to Level Up Guild Guardians

Guild Guardians in Gems of War are incredibly powerful allies that can be used to help you complete Quests and Battles. In order for them to reach their full potential, however, they must be leveled up with resources such as gold, scrolls and essence. These resources can all come from rewards gained through participating in battles or quests, events or simply buying packs from the store. Gold is usually the most common resource needed to level up a guild guardian because it’s used for both increasing its stats directly or unlocking new skills depending on the type of Guardian being leveled up; whereas scrolls allow you upgrade your Guild Guardian’s rarity grade by combining multiple copies into one stronger copy while Essence is more specialized but still important when aiming to do this too. Gathering these different types of Resources may take a bit of time due to some Guardians having higher needs than others but if done right – then leveling any Guardian should become an easier task!

What Are the Benefits of Leveling up Guild Guardians?

Leveling up Guild Guardians in Gems of War is an integral part of the game, as it helps to make your guild stronger and more competitive. Some immediate benefits include access to higher level rewards and better performance on defense during battles. Additionally, leveling up guardians gives you increased chances for victory by unlocking powerful stats such as attack power or health points. In addition to benefiting your own gameplay, increasing a Guardian’s level also boosts the collective strength of your entire guild since each member has their own set guardian that they use throughout battle - meaning when one players levels theirs up, everyone else's gets an overall bonus! All these factors combine create huge advantages for those who choose invest time into growing their specific guardian units within Gems Of War – so if you are looking for a way to get ahead then this is definitely worth considering!

Tips and Strategies for Leveling up Guild Guardians

Leveling up Guild Guardians can be difficult, but with the right strategy and some patience, you can get them to their max level. One of the most important tips for leveling guild guardians is investing in gems! Sure they may seem expensive at first glance, however when used correctly they are essential as it allows you to expedite feeder heroes into your guardian quickly allowing him or her greater experience gains per battle. When possible try buying group packs together too so everyone’s contribution increases while saving money overall - this will also encourage more active participation from all members which benefits the entire team! Additionally keep an eye out on daily events like “Double Experience Weekends” – these reward double amounts of XP which allow players to make significant progress on any given Guardian even if over a short period time. Finally never underestimate how far research goes; studying other teams strategies by using previously successful methods could give yours that extra edge needed during times one seems stuck in those long grind sessions level-wise.


In conclusion, the guild guardians in Gems of War can be difficult to level up. By focusing on strategies and tips such as completing daily quests for experience points, using your best cards against opponents who are at a lower power curve than you and getting lucky with the random card drops from chests or gems, it is possible to get your guardian ranks up quickly. As long as you keep trying different methods and take advantage of all available resources then eventually your guardians will reach their max rank!

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