Unlocking the Secrets of Reforging in Cryptoblades

Bryan Healey25 Jan 2023

Cryptoblades is a popular online game that provides players with various opportunities to reforge their weapons. Reforging allows gamers to upgrade the power of their weapon by changing its attributes and making it more effective in battle. It’s essential for successful gameplay, so understanding how to do this correctly can make all the difference between success and defeat in Cryptoblades. This guide will help you get acquainted with the process of reforging your weapons, giving you useful tips on how best to go about it in-game!

What is Reforging?

Reforging in Cryptoblades is a great way to customize your heroes and make them more powerful. Reforging involves breaking down unused gear items into Crystals, which can then be used to give bonuses or new stats to already-acquired gear pieces. It requires some planning as players must decide what modifiers they want on the newly reforged item, so it's important for players to think about their team composition before deciding on how much of each stat should be applied when reforging an item.

How to Reforge in Cryptoblades

Reforging in Cryptoblades is a great way to maximize your earnings and power-up your weapons. Reforging allows players to combine two of their existing blades into one, more powerful weapon. With each reforge attempt you have an increased chance of upgrading stats like attack speed, damage output or even special abilities. To begin the process simply select which blades you want to use for the reforging then pay for it with coins or shards that can be obtained from battles or completing missions within the game. You will also need materials such as Arcane Stones which these can be collected through battle rewards too! Once complete, enjoy your newly forged blade and all its improved capabilities!

Understanding Your Stats

When attempting to reforge in Cryptoblades, it is important that you understand your character's stats and their effect on the game. Knowing what stat bonuses are available during a reforge will allow you to make more informed decisions about which direction your build should take. Different classes have different core stats which affect them differently; for example some may prioritize strength over agility or vice versa depending on their needs. It is also important to pay attention to how each of these statistics scale at higher levels as they can drastically change the way an item behaves when fully leveled up. With this knowledge, players can better assess where they want their characters’ strength and weaknesses in order to give themselves an edge during battle.

The Benefits of Refining Your Gear

Refining your gear in Cryptoblades can be a great way to improve your character's power and progress further. Reforging is a process that allows players to take their existing pieces of equipment, extract its stats, and place them into better quality items with more powerful base stats. Not only does this create some powerful combinations of upgradable bonuses, but it also increases the versatility of builds by allowing for greater customization options across characters. By refining their current gear through reforging, players can obtain stronger early game armors or weapons as well as high level ones later on down the line - all without spending extra money! So if you're looking for an edge over other cryptobladers out there, consider trying reforging today – you won't regret it!

Reforging for Maximum Damage Output

Reforging in Cryptoblades is a great way to maximize the amount of damage you can output. The process involves breaking down gear and redistributing materials across three different stats: Attack, Defense, and Special Power. Each of these stats gives bonus effects when combined with certain weapons or characters. By understanding how these combinations work together, players can use Reforging to tailor their loadout for maximum efficiency in battles against all kinds of opponents! Additionally, each piece of equipment has fixed innate bonuses that don’t increase through Reforging so it pays off to pay attention which specific pieces are more optimal depending on your playstyle!

Reforging for Survivability

Reforging for survivability in Cryptoblades can be a great way to help make sure that your character remains alive and well during battle. By reworking your gear's stats, you can create a custom build that is tailored to ensure the best chance of survival. There are three main stat areas to focus on when reforging for survivability: Health, Armor, and Damage Reduction. Increasing these statistics will give more health points as well as reducing damage taken from attacks. It is important to note however that all statistics should remain balanced; increasing one too much could end up negatively affecting another! With careful consideration and planning out each statistic beforehand, it is possible achieve an effective reforging strategy designed with maximum survivabilty in mind.


In conclusion, reforging in Cryptoblades is an important feature to help players ensure they have the best possible builds for their characters. It enables players to customize and optimize every aspect of their character’s weapons, armor, and abilities. However, mastering all aspects of reforging requires practice and dedication. Reforging takes time but can give a significant boost to your survivability if done right! Best of luck and happy fighting!

Bryan Healey

Bryan Healey

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